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Seniors: needs and challenges

Ruth Pelletier stopped by the cafe to talk about seniors, their needs, and their challenges. Ruth has been a longtime advocate of the social underdog since the 1960s, and she continues her life purpose up to this day. She mentions that her love and concern for the welfare of seniors come from the fact that she was raised by her grandmother.

In this episode, Ruth not only shares challenges but she also shares how they can be responded to by accessing some community and government resources. She also highlighted that some challenges are not unique to seniors. Listen to the episode here.

Advocating for Seniors

Seniors are vulnerable members of the community but this does not mean that they are incapable of caring for themselves. With enough support and guidance, seniors can still experience better life conditions as they age.

In this episode, Ruth highlights the need to improve the way we empathize and sympathize with the condition of the elderly in our family and our communities.

She mentions how small acts of kindness can impact the lives of seniors broadly.

Promoting Wellness and Welfare

While several programs by the government are designed to provide the necessary support for the seniors, not everyone may know about them. Promoting knowledge about these programs is critical to ensure seniors receive the support they need as they age.

Ruth works plans several public information sessions and webinars to promote and support the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of seniors and COVID-19 has not stopped her programming!

About Ruth Pelletier

Ruth is the founder of Seniors Action Quebec and she continues to be an active volunteer with the organization.

Outline of the Episode

  • [4:40] some of the challenges

  • [7:30] technology is a lifeline

  • [11:10] CLSCs can help make life-quality assessments to determine the support the seniors actually need

  • [17:45] how to help in appointments without taking them over

  • [20:04] factors to consider when downsizing or moving

  • [22:05] addictions come in different forms and shapes, and seniors can have them too

  • [25:30] seniors want a sense of belonging

  • [27:53] benefits of inter-generational exchanges

  • [30:45] what seniors can do to make their golden years golden

  • [38:44] tips for caregivers

  • [40:04] tips for seniors

  • [44:10] transportation troubles aren't solely an issue for seniors



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