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Welcome to The Good Health Cafe podcast and blog. The place for casual, insightful conversations to empower you on your health journey. Here you will learn more about how to navigate the healthcare system and how to take care of your health in plain, easy to understand language. The podcast will feature interviews with guests on both sides of the health divide: practitioners and those of us they serve. We will share experiences (both good and bad!) and have candid conversations about various aspects of health and healthcare in order to help you get the best outcomes possible. The blog will feature more tips and tricks and follow up on some of the conversations from the podcast. Content which may be of particular interest to people of colour will also be shared. How to navigate the healthcare system, questions to ask your doctor, what to do when you feel like you are not being heard, why it seems like researchers cannot make up their minds about the guidance they provide, mental health and health disparities are some of the many topics discussed at The Good Health Cafe.


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